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Who Else Hates Doing Outdoor Chores?

We provide landscaping services to property owners in Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding areas

Maintaining a beautiful yard is hard work. You might wonder if it's even worth it. Fortunately, you don't have to choose between enjoying your weekends and enjoying a lush lawn. When you rely on Just Chill'n Services, LLC for landscaping services, you can free up time without sacrificing your curb appeal.

We can...

  • Seed your yard to encourage grass to grow
  • Grade or excavate your yard to solve a drainage issue
  • Remove a dead tree or stump to keep your loved ones safe
  • Spread mulch or topsoil to help you cultivate a beautiful garden

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Discover the secret to a bright green lawn with sod installation

If you've given up on owning a beautiful lawn in the Winston-Salem, NC area, look into sod installation. Unlike a traditional lawn, a sod lawn is easy to maintain and grows uniformly.

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